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La Roche Posay (Strandhill)


The gentle but effective skin care products within the La Roche Posay range are ideally suited to sensitive skin. At the heart of this natural brand lies thermal spring water, sourced from the French town of La Roche Posay. This mineral-rich water has been recognized for its beneficial properties for centuries. Modern scientific research can now explain the components that make this element so valuable.

The thermal water used in La Roche Posay skin care products is naturally high in selenium. This trace mineral helps to support the skin's defense mechanisms and assists in the battle against the damage caused by free radicals.

La Roche Posay works closely with dermatologists to ensure that every product in the range is kind to sensitive skin while delivering visible improvements in the appearance and condition of the complexion. Targeted treatments help to boost particularly sensitive areas, such as the lips and eyes.

If your lips have become dry or chapped due to exposure to harsh environmental conditions, La Roche Posay Ceralip Lip Repair Cream can comfort and restore the delicate skin around the mouth without causing further irritation.

The mobility of the skin around the eyes leaves it vulnerable to wrinkling. By applying an eye cream every morning and evening, you can help the skin remain firm, supple and resistant to wrinkles. La Roche Posay Active Eyes helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles without irritating the eyes. For more intense support, you can turn to La Roche Posay Redermic C Eyes Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizing Filler. Containing hyaluronic acid and pure vitamin C, this rich eye cream smooth’s and plumps the skin that surrounds the eyes.

Avene (Strandhill)


Launched in 1993, the Avene skincare brand was created to capture the same healing benefits to soothe sensitive skins worldwide. Formulated with Avene Thermal Spring Water and bottled directly from the source of the spring, the Avène skincare brand addresses the needs of all types of sensitive skin.

Moo-Goo (Strandhill)


We are an Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks.

MooGoo came about when the head of our herd thought it was unusual that his mother was using a product made for cows for her skin condition. The "Udder Cream" being used in dairy farms was designed to help keep the skin on cow’s udders in prime condition for milking. Cow’s udders need to be soft and supple, not dry or cracked. However the original Udder Cream his mother used was very thick to apply. So he set about adapting this cream for humans by making it lighter and non-greasy.

We have now moved on to greener pastures, expanding our range of skin products to help with lots of different skin issues. However, we have kept the same philosophy about our products. That is making products full of healthy ingredients for children and adults, and use nothing we don’t feel is right for our own skin. Tired of products that tell you what they “don’t” use and not what they do? We are proud to show all our ingredients on our website, not just the pretty ones.

NeoStrata (Sligo)


The creators of NeoStrata Company, Inc., Drs. Eugene Van Scott (Dermatologist and Master of Dermatology of the American Academy of Dermatology AAD) and Dr Ruey Yu (Dermatopharmacologist) are internationally recognised for making the ground-breaking discovery that Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) have profound beneficial effect on human skin.

In 1974, these pioneers co-authored the first published scientific paper on the benefits of AHAs in dermatology and skin care. Their subsequent research established that AHAs are not only beneficial in the treatment of dermatological conditions, such as dry skin, but also effective in stimulating prematurely aged or damaged skin to rejuvenate itself. In 1988, the two doctors formed The NeoStrata Company to develop and market the AHA products they had discovered and perfected.

Today, NeoStrata continues to advance the field with scientific innovations such as polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) and lactobionic acids. With PHAs and bionics, NeoStrata has reinvented skin care—all-natural compounds that are just as effective as AHAs but do not cause irritation, even in patients with sensitive skin.

The NeoStrata Company holds over 100 patents on AHAs and related technologies, and in addition to utilizing these technologies in their own product lines, the company also has a thriving licensing business and the technologies are used in products by brands such as Avon, Chanel, Este Laduer and Elizabeth Arden to name but a few. Proud of its clinical heritage and driven by the passion and vision of its internationally recognized founders, The NeoStrata Company will continue to be at the forefront of this dynamic industry for years to come.

Trilogy (Sligo & Strandhill)


Trilogy has an international reputation for producing ethical, sustainable, high-performance natural skincare. With over a decade of research, development and product innovation, we make products that not only perform better; they are better.

Trilogy launched its first five rosehip oil products in 2002. In a world of ‘high-science’ synthetic skincare and old-fashioned, apothecary-style natural products, sisters, and Trilogy founders, Catherine de Groot and Sarah Gibbs saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between high-performance and the natural world.

It was inspired by their discovery of the amazing skin-loving properties of rosehip oil. An incredibly effective natural alternative to synthetic skincare ingredients, rosehip oil delivers real, visible results.

With two smart Kiwi girls at the helm, and pure Certified Organic Rosehip Oil as both flagship product and signature ingredient, Trilogy began its mission to change the face of natural skincare.

Trilogy lives for product innovation. Performance matters. Products are created from unique blends of the purest natural plant oils and active botanical extracts, working in perfect harmony to restore and maintain the natural health, vitality and radiance of skin.

As the first New Zealand skincare brand to achieve NATRUE Natural Cosmetics certification, Trilogy has very strict policies for sourcing ingredients. This certification provides an independent guarantee that a product is authentically natural and cruelty-free, to one of the world’s most transparent standards.

This means Trilogy only uses natural and organic plant-based ingredients, soft manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices. The NATRUE logo also means:

  • No animal testing
  • No synthetic fragrances and colours
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No petroleum-derived products
  • No silicone oils and derivatives
  • No irradiation of end products and botanical ingredients

Crabtree & Evelyn (Strandhill)


Founded over 40 years ago by Cyrus Harvey, Crabtree & Evelyn has evolved since 1972 from a small, family-run business specialising in fine soaps from around the world, to an international company with over 500 stores worldwide.

Today the brand is renowned and respected for its original fragrances, fine foods and gorgeous gifts, all beautifully packaged to transform the ordinary rituals of daily life into extraordinary pleasurable experiences.

Long before the natural and wellness movement became popular, Crabtree & Evelyn was wholeheartedly embracing the riches of the natural world, introducing product ranges made with fruit, flower and plant essences.

Crabtree & Evelyn is inspired by John Evelyn, a 17th Century Englishman who was a visionary of his time.

One of the first naturalists and conservationists, Evelyn travelled Europe experiencing the wonderful cultures and natural environments which he shared with his friends in British society.

His great estate, Sayes Court, was planted with large expanses of elm trees, and the magnificent gardens Evelyn created were a wonder of the age.

The diary of John Evelyn is a remarkable picture of 17th Century life, both in England and on the continent. Evelyn’s personal motto "Explore everything. Keep the best." has provided inspiration from our founding to this day.

Our icon, the Crab Apple Tree (Pyrus malus), is native to Britain and the ancestor of all cultivated apple trees. Prized for its lovely form and its usefulness in the home apothecary, the Crab Apple Tree represents beauty and the natural goodness inherent in our brand.

Burt's Bees (Strandhill)


Discover why natural skin care products from Burt's Bees are the beautiful choice.
Our natural personal care products work without harsh chemicals and are never tested on animals.

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